06.15.13        ST. CHICAGO, IL                       6 CORNERS BBQ FEST  (outdoor street fest)

06.20.13        ST. LOUIS, MO                          OFF BROADWAY                                       TICKETS

06.21.13        MADISON, WI                            THE FREQUENCY                                      TICKETS

06.22.13        MINNEAPOLIS, MN                    7TH STREET ENTRY                                TICKETS

06.25.13        COLUMBUS, OH                        RUMBA CAFE                                            TICKETS

06.26.13        WASHINGTON D.C.                   DC9                                                            TICKETS

06.27.13        PHILADELPHIA, PA                    MILKBOY                                                   TICKETS

06.28.13        CAMBRIDGE, MA                       THE MIDDLE EAST                                   TICKETS

06.29.13        BROOKLYN, NY                         ROCK SHOP                                              TICKETS

07.01.13        HAMDEN, CT                              THE SPACE                                               TICKETS

07.02.13        PITTSBURGH, PA                       HOWLERS COYOTE CAFE                      TICKETS

07.03.13        CINCINNATI, OH                        MOTR PUB                                                TICKETS